Style guide: Sandals or sneakers on plane?

Stylish sneaker or sandals

Been preparing for a journey? An upcoming travel plan requires a lot of pre planning. While we often succeed well with the pre requisites of travel preparations, we often fail back on the looming necessities. Not until the last minute do we realize that our most important preparation needs attention. Yes of course, I am talking about our personal styling. How you dress for the flight speaks a lot about you. Your travel outlook spells your fashion preferences, your social impression and more importantly your attention towards mini details.

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How to dress up for your flight?

Well you can wear just about anything on a short flight. It really doesn’t matter much. But your outfits should not be pervert or agonizing for others. It is important to remember that we are not travelling alone. Though there are no real laws for passenger rights, each is entitled to protect each other’s rights and privacy.

Close and full clothing works best especially on long flights. Since the temperature in the flight tends to get cold, it is advisable to cover yourself well with stylish and full clothing. Tank tops should not be worn as they seem like serious offenders. You can pack them up in your bags for your beach vacations ahead. A light tee with jeans or pants is the best formal up do for a plane flight. Jackets, blazers, pullovers, sweaters and scarves for the ladies. Best to wear trousers or jeans over skirts or short dresses. An airport is a public place and you never know what kind of germs you are coming in to contact with. Travel safe with full outfits.

Footwear selection: Sandals or sneakers on plane?

There is a lot of hype regarding this discussion with the endpoint being that it is everyone’s personal choice. But let’s see why sandals or sneakers are better for your plane journey.

sneakers or sandals

Why sneakers are better?

Most of the voices favor sneakers on a plane. Here is why:


Sneakers are safer as they are close and cover your feet completely. You tend to encounter a lot of germs on the plane and at the airport. Sneakers with socks safeguard your feet and keep your feet hygienic.

Safe with screenings:

Since you are required to take off your shoes during screenings, its best to wear sneakers with socks so that you don’t have to walk around barefoot. You never know how many people have touched the floor barefoot. So best to let your feet resting inside socks.

Saved space:

Since sneakers tend to take up more space in the luggage than sandals, it is better to keep your sneakers on your feet during flight journey. There is no point in packing off extra heavier luggage when you can easily make a safe exchange. Sandals can easily be shoved off anywhere but if you are taking your hiking sneakers or your trekking sneakers, they are definitely better off on your feet than wrapped inside.

Flight precautions:

You should always be prepared for emergency situations when you are travelling on a plane. Wearing close shoes such as the sneakers keep you prepared for emergency landings. Sandals can never help you get off the plane with them on if ever a crisis situation comes up. So it is best to wear shoes which are capable of staying on your feet should the need arise. Although many argue that it is one in a hundred chance that such an emergency might befall you. But hey precaution is better than the calamity.

Regarding other passengers:

Many passengers tend to show up on their plane seats with sandals, only to take them off during the flight hours and throw fellow passengers in to a state of frenzy with the fetid and smelly feet. Whenever you are travelling, make extremely sure that your feet are well clean and smelling fine. Since altitudes tend to swell up the feet, it becomes necessary to take off your shoes during your flight especially if it’s a long-distance one. This may cause feet or shoe odor to rise up and cause serious discomfort to the passenger sitting right beside you. Since there are no real laws which can compel a passenger to respect other passengers’ rights, it is imperative that you put your best manners forward when on a plane.

Protection from cold a plane:

For very long flights, sneakers are the best option as it tends to get freezing cold in the plane. And sandals may just cause numb feet or very shivering feet and neither is good for you. Sneakers with socks can keep your feet warm and cozy and safe during travel and long flights. Also with the current Covid – 19 pandemic surfacing on our heads, you can never be more safer than with sneakers. The plane passenger seats are a house to many germs and bacteria. You can easily get in on your clothes and sandals if you are not too careful.

Those who favor sandals:

For those who favor stylish sneaker or sandals on a plane, here are a few of their reasons to support their discussion.

Sandals are fairly easy to get past through the screenings as you don’t have to fumble through the laces or proper sneaker sliding in your shoes. Since they are very easy to glide back in, there should be no problem for anyone if you are wearing socks with your sandals.

If you tend to take off your shoes during the flight, again this should not be a problem for anyone if your feet are clean and well pedicured. If you are taking good care of your feet, then you have a right to wear whatever shoes you want. There have never been any restrictions on sneakers and therefore, why should there be any on sandals.

So here is why you can wear any of the two. But it is best to get your stylish sneaker or sandals on for the main flight and change back into sandals when you land. So happy journey everyone!