Like all the other girls, I am in love with wearing high heels. Wherever I go, heels are my first choice, but these days you can't just roam around the city wearing simple heels and those who are not so much comfortable. I was having a lot of pain for the last few months because of wearing High Heels all day.

My friends decided on a two day trip to New York, and this was the time I decided to buy some new heels, you know. But this time, I started my research on about high heels. Some of the brands which I found for high heels and block heels are

  • Alfani
  • Taryn Rose
  • Bella Vita
  • Hopp
  • Banana Republic
  • CC Corso Como
  • Cole Haan
  • Rockport
  • Naturalizer

I bought some heels from these stores, and the day we had to start the journey arrived was the best day of my life. I enjoyed it a lot out there with my friends. I felt no pain in these Block Heel, and the whole day went terrific. My Friends loved those heels, and I told them how comfortable these are. According to the research and experience of my friends, we got some of the things which matter a lot in buying High Heels and Block Heels like

  1. Size of the Shoe
  2. Brand of the Shoe
  3. Your foot type
  4. Silicon Pads
  5. Some Massage to your feet
  6. Platform Sole
  7. Taking Breaks Matter the Most

Your feet also need some warm water in the night. So these points must be followed all day. We went to Rockefeller Center and did a lot of shopping. Ellie asked for the cinema, so we saw a movie there.

After watching the film, we came back to our hotel, and when I took off the heel that was a feeling I have never felt before. There was no pain around my feet. So at the time, I decided always to buy the Branded High Heels and Block Heels.

Ellen was saying that she loved wearing Platform Heels. She started wearing these Platform Heels for the last three years, and at that time, she was quite much comfortable and relaxed wearing them.

Wearing Heels all the time in Office, Parties, or Shopping causes some adverse effects on feet. One must purchase those heels which are suitable for her feet. You can't wear other heels all day which are not ideal for your feet. It hurts a lot. So some of the heels which I will suggest are

  • Block Heels
  • Platform Heels
  • Stacked Heels
  • Clear Heels

If our Heels are not well constructed, it causes some extra stress on your feet. Choosing the best heels for style and comfort is not difficult these days.

Buy the right brands and take some extra care of your feet. My favorite colors for Heels are Silver Heel and Gold Heels. Mostly you can wear these colors everywhere.