Best shoes to wear if you want to excel in volleyball

Volleyball shoes

One of the most popular and engaging sports that people of all ages tend to take part in is volleyball. It is fun, exciting and yet tough too. The sport requires the player to move all over the court with speed and agility. Endurance and flexibility are also needed to excel at the game. But like every other sport, proper gear and especially the right pair of footwear. Plays a very important part in determining the outcome of the game.

If you are a volleyball player, you know how a good pair of shoes can prep up the game and tilt the score in your favor.  Shoes which are able to endure the harshness of the game. And are able to weather the tough pavement are actually what you need. And the mega brands have been designing specific volleyball shoes. Which cater to the prerequisites of the game. And manufactured in compatibility with it. They equipped with special features which makes them harmonious to the game.

The key features which makes a shoe a great volleyball ally are:

  • Padding system:

When the sport is intense and demanding in nature, cushioning and comfort are great allies for a player. It is very necessary that your shoes grant you a comfortable and snug feeling otherwise your focus and concentration will continuously get distracted. Most brands fashion shoes which offer a plush padding so always check shoes before buying. Opt for options which are padded and comfy.

  • Stability:

A good pair of volleyball shoes are those which are able to provide excellent lateral stability and grant strong ankle support. Check that the mid sole is flexible and the upper is breathable.

  • Size:

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Because if the shoes are small, they will be very uncomfortable and cause chafing too. And if they are bigger than your size, then your feet will continuously move around inside the shoes and will give you an unpleasant and awkward feeling. So ensure that you get the perfect fitting shoes.

To make your research task easy, I have prepared a list of best volleyball shoes for men. Check them out and see which one corresponds to your choice.

Best volleyball shoes for men which can give an edge to the game:


ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe:

When it comes to volleyball, ASICS is one of the most prominent brands. The models designed by the brand are highly functional and showcase a very sporty and trendy aesthetic. One of the best models from the brand is the Gel-Rocket 8. The silhouettes are equipped with premium features and are available at a very affordable price. Some of the prominent features displayed by these models are:

  • The Gel shoes feature Forefoot Gel cushioning system. It works by diminishing the impact of shocks.
  • The upper is made from mesh which offers breath ability and allows the feet to remain cool and dry.
  • The cushion provided by the silhouettes is very comfy and plushy. The overall construction is very lightweight.
  • The NC rubber out sole grants great traction and a very fine grip.

ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe


Adidas Performance Ligra 4:

The line of volleyball shoes designed by Adidas scores maximum points on the fashion billboard. Apart from their sporty and sleek aesthetic, these shoes are high contenders in the durability and comfort department too. They are very functional and super versatile. Their compatibility with other sports like badminton and tennis makes them kind of all-rounders.

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  • The Ligra shoes are made from synthetic materials and offer supreme comfort and stability.
  • The insoles are padded for support and offer shock absorption feature.
  • The out sole provides exceptional traction and help you maintain a stable grip on any kind of pavement.
  • They are lightweight and durable and are available at a very affordable price.

Adidas Performance Ligra 4


Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X:

These are considered as the top options for volleyball.These silhouettes are one of the most durable and sturdy ones in the market. Some of the other features which makes the Tornado incomparable are:

  • The Inter cool technology is fitted in the shoes. This actually means that air vent holes have been designed in the construction of the shoes at the soles to ensure ventilation is maintained.
  • The Dynamotion Fit technology renders supreme fit and a snug feeling all day through.
  • The support and reinforcement that these shoes provide is incomparable.
  • Great color schemes and designs are available which can rev up your athletic gear.
  • These are available at a very affordable price.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X


Nike Volley Zoom Hyper spike:

Nike is a prestigious brand which has created a revolution in the athletic world and re-defined the meaning of style and functionality. The Volley Zoom by Nike are one of the most sought after pairs. Their premium quality and excellent craftsmanship is supreme. The features which have given these models due claim to fame are:

  • The upper is designed from mesh and synthetic materials which keep the feet cool and breathable.
  • The Fly wire 3.0 technology allows you to jump and spike without any pause.
  • The out sole is designed from cushioning rubber which allows you to preserve a firm grip.
  • The comfort and snugness is admirable.
  • However they are little overpriced.

Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike

Adidas Originals Crazy-flight:

If you want futuristic technology in your shoe and want it to be unbeatable, then the Crazy flight has so much to put on table. There are so many features to rave about. Let me list a few for you:

  • The uber cool and magnetic designs can beguile you right on spot. The color patterns are incredibly alluring and there are so many to choose from. The outcome is a very cool and sophisticated aesthetic that can jazz up all your sporty looks.
  • The upper is made from two-tone mesh which renders excellent breath ability.
  • The responsive cushioning offered by the shoes gives great comfort.
  • The non-marking sole also grants exceptional traction and a firm grip.
  • These are one of the most comfortable pairs.

Adidas Originals Crazyflight

It is imperative that you have donned the right shoes for volleyball. At the end of the day, you will be able to feel the difference. When you have the most shoes on, your feet will thank you. When you have a well-fitting shoe. That is delivering most performance, your confidence will also receive a booster shot. And you, in turn, will be able to give your ultimate best that can destine you to become victorious.