How to clean your walking boots and shoes
A fresh looking pair of walking shoes has the capability to highlight your persona. And make you feel and look confident. You cannot beat the feeling of owning and flaunting a pristine pair of boots or shoes. They enable you to exude an aura of calm indifference and cool urbanity. Whether you are sauntering out on the street, taking a brisk walk in the park or running errands. A clean pair of walking boots or shoes can enhance your attire and boost your performance.
Walking boots and shoes designed to be durable and resilient. So that they can endure the tough elements. Their strong framework is capable of buffering your feet from innumerable weather conditions. They built to be strong and provide reinforcement to your feet. Many walking shoes are a hybrid of athletic design paired with casual style. This means you can flaunt them at formal and athletic occasions.
But the problem is that walking shoes and boots tend to get dirty. And lose their pristine look when you wear them quite. And if you want your walking companions to be your walking acquaintances for many years to come. You need to lavish them with attention and care and clean them. This will add on to their life expectancy and will avert the need to replace them before their expiry time.

Stain Removal Guide:

I have created this simplified stain removal guide to show you how easy it is to clean walking boots and shoes. Cleaning can be a hassle and takes time, but the outcome is worthy of an applause. Read on and discover unfussy cleaning tricks and tips to mop up your mildly dusty or deeply muddy walking boots and shoes and restore them back to their original untainted appearance.

If you are still wondering that your shoes don’t really need any makeover and can work supremely well without any cleaning process, then you need enlightenment. Here are some reasons to preserve the upkeep of your shoes.




Why do you need to clean your walking boots and shoes?

A dirty pair of silhouettes can impart a very unappealing and unpleasant image and tarnish the looks of your appearance no matter how attractively you are dressed up.

Secondly, when you walk, your boots and shoes are constantly exposed to dirt, mud and dust. When you don’t sift off these grimy substances on a regular basis, the dirt particles can settle in deeply and impair the fabric and metal parts of your shoes.

Most importantly, walking is a high intensity exercise and sweating is unavoidable even if you have your socks on. And if you don’t clean and ventilate your shoes, bacteria and mildews will spawn causing very bad odors to be emanated from the shoes. And nothing is more repulsive than a pair of bad-smelling shoes.

How to light-clean your shoes if they aren’t too grimy?

If your shoes haven’t accumulated too much dust and grime, you can give them a light cleaning treatment. For this you will need:

  • Soft bristled brush
  • Hard bristled brush
  • Clean piece of cloth



If your shoes are damp due to being exposed to wet elements, it is recommended to dry them out before you clean them. Always clean your shoes outdoors to avoid messing up your home.

  1. Lightly punch your shoes together to force the debris, dust and rocks out of the crevices.
  2. Clean the crevices and edges using a soft bristled brush.
  3. Employ the hard bristled brush to scour the out sole and pull out the pebbles and debris
  4. Dust off the grime and dirt on the leather and suede with the soft bristled brush.
  5. Spray the shoe deodorizer in the interior of the shoes and keep them in a well-ventilated place to dry them out.


Employing the deep cleaning method to clean your walking boots and shoes:


If you have taken a walk over rough terrain and have encountered muddy puddles along the way, then there is a high possibility that your shoes have acquired quite a lot of grime and filth and cleaning has become mandatory. For deep cleaning the shoes, you will need:

  • Soap
  • Soft bristled brush
  • Hard bristled brush
  • Cleaning gel or solution footwear
  • A clean piece of cloth




  1. Follow the steps from 1-4 mentioned in light cleaning process and then continue with these steps.
  2. Take your shoes inside the house. Remove the laces and the insoles and soak them in soapy water for ten minutes so that the stains are dissolved. Rinse and dry them out.
  3. Now dip the clean cloth in a bowl of soapy water. Use this cloth to gently wipe away the dirt and grime from your walking shoes that are designed from leather or suede. Use the soft bristled brush to wipe away the deeply entrenched dirt stains. Avoid hard bristled brush on leather and suede shoes.
  4. If your walking shoes are made from mesh or canvas material, you can even rinse them under tap water and brush them with a hard bristled brush using soapy water to get rid of stubborn stains.
  5. For stain removal, talcum or baby powder works best. If your shoes have oil or grease stains, sprinkle talcum powder on the stains, let it sit for 3 minutes and then scrub the area with a soft bristled brush to clear the stains.
  6. Apply the cleaning gel on a microfiber cloth and wipe the insides of the shoes with this cloth. This on the bootstrap also to restore its immaculate look.
  7. Apply conditioner and waterproof spray to your walking shoes and boots after treating them with the laundering procedure.
  8. Keep your shoes in an airy place to dry them out.
  9. Treat them with a jet of shoe deodorizer if they have retained the unpleasant smell even after washing.
  10. Avoid putting your shoes in the washing machine because the rough tumultuous tumbling tends to destroy your shoe fabric in the most unthinkable manner.

Concluding note:

Proper maintenance guaranteed to increase the lifespan of your shoes. Allowing you to enjoy a happy relationship with your shoes for an extended period of time. So get your get-up revved up, your looks dialed. And your performance enlivened and enhanced by flaunting sleek and clean shoes.