The best shoe care kit should have all the shoe essentials that you can need any time to self-service your shoes. The more care you give to your shoes, the more longer they are likely to be at your disposal. All shoes expire at some point or another. But shoes which are well taken care of do not expire so easily. They can be relieved from their duty out of boredom or out of very old haggard looks. But they keep providing you service for uncountable years. Therefore, it is essential to always remember that prevention is better than feeling sorry later. Take measures by what to include in your shoe care kit to enjoy happy, healthy and durable shoes that may even outlast you!

So let’s see what an ideal shoe care kit should contain:

A rag or a piece of rough cloth:

This is the most important shoe care kit essential. You cannot begin any cleaning process of the shoes until you are equipped with a piece of cloth or a rag piece. Do not apply any brush or polish to your shoes until you have cleaned your shoes with a dry cloth. Rub the cloth vigorously on the stains area so that they are completely removed prior to shoe shining process.

Sneaker / dishwasher/ fabric detergent/ suede or leather cleaner:

If you cannot keep the whole bottle or box of detergent in your small shoe care kit, just pour some spoonsful in a small airtight container and keep it ready with you. This item is especially very handy if you are a travel person and you switch wearing your sneakers to formal shoes frequently. The detergent will help you in cleaning dirty and muddy spots from your sneakers. Or you can simply buy a ready to use suede or leather cleaner bottle to clean the dirt spots from your shoes

A spare toothbrush:

You might never have seen a toothbrush in a shoe care kit. But hey! Our shoe care kit guide covers every single aspect. The spare toothbrush will enable you to clean the grimy mud spots from your shoes. Just rub a little amount of detergent on your fabric shoes and clean them by rubbing the toothbrush over the stains in a circular motion for a few minutes. Once the stains have disappeared, wipe away the detergent with a damp cloth

Shoe shiners/ shoe polish

This means that you can include liquid shoe shiners as well as wax shoe polish in your kit. Although most ready-made shoe care kits do not include liquid shiners, but if you are making one of your own then you can include essentials of your personal preference. If you are handling your leather shoes, then your wax polish will be handy. Wax polish is imperative to take care of your leather shoes and boots because when the leather gets dry it tends to crack. To maintain its shine and crispiness, it is crucial that they are first cleaned by a clean cloth and then applied wax polish. Rub it up and down to bring back life and gloss in your leather shoes. Make sure to include two standard colors of polish in your shoe care kit: black and brown

Horsehair brush

The horsehair brush is essential for buffing up after the wax polish has been applied on the leather shoes. Even if you are using cream or liquid polishes to shine your shoes, you need a horsehair brush to buffer your shoes later and to spread the polish evenly on all the shoes


Shoehorns are extremely important for shoe care. They help you to glide your feet effortlessly in to any pair of shoes. Without using a shoehorn, you are likely to erode the heel of the shoe. Therefore, to ensure that your shoes remain sturdy and in shape for many years to come, it is advisable that you use a shoehorn. Shoehorn also makes it super easy to slide your feet in tight fitting shoes because the shoe horn pulls the heel of the shoe back and avoids snagging your feet in mid-way

Shoe daubers

You can include two small shoe daubers in your shoe care kit to enable easy application of the polish on to your leather shoes.

Shoe water repellants

You can easily buy silicon sprays to include in your shoe care kit. The sealant will instantly waterproof your shoes and protect them from any posed damage from rainwater, salt or ice water. Although wax polish also acts as a water repellant for a leather shoe, but silicon sprays are much faster sealants to apply if you have an emergency weather condition rising up


If you have newspaper in your shoe care kit, then you are in for an additional benefit. You can easily spread the newspaper out anywhere and clean your shoes without getting bothered about the floor getting dirty. They act as time and trouble savers so they are actually a wonderful addition to your shoe care kits

Disposable gloves

Don’t keep a whole pack if you have less space in your shoe care kit. But do keep a few pair of disposable gloves. They allow you to clean your shoes without the slightest tension of getting your hands dirty

Easy to carry deodorizers:

It is best to include natural and ready deodorizers in your shoe care kit. No need to crowd your kit but it always helps to have the bare necessities in quick reach. Baking soda and unused teabags are very effective natural deodorizers. Keeping them in a small thin plastic bag can help you to get rid of shoe odor easily. When you have everything ready in your kit, you save a lot of time from useless hunting for care things all the time. You can also buy shoe deodorizer sprays to get rid of the smelly shoe smells.

Spare shoelaces

It is always a good idea to keep two pairs of spare shoelaces in your shoe care kit. These will be easily accessible if your current ones get really dirty or wet or get lost.
So gear up your shoe care kit and become a pro in shoe care!