Which shoes are best for dunking?

All basketball addicts must have been at some time or the other on a lookout for the best dunking shoes out there. It is a known philosophy that if you have greater bounce in your sneakers, you can pull off dunks more gracefully. The hip hop, the energy, the adrenaline burst and the extreme kinetic push which is required to perform super leaps for dunking can be boosted with the perfect dunking shoes. If you are a basketball fanatic, then you certainly can use some extra power yielded with the best shoes for dunking.

Since maximizing basketball vertical jumps is not possible with just any athletic shoes, you need to research for the custom designed basketball shoes fit for jumping. This is because reaching out to that 10-foot net is already a highly challenging stunt which few can pull off effortlessly. So without the right shoes, you hardly stand a chance of dunking. Luckily, we have narrowed down our search based on feedbacks from many users and basketball players.

Let’s find out which basketball shoes boost vertical leaps better and make you dunk like a pro. There is certainly more to it that mere jumping. A winner knows how to do it with just the right shoes.

Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid:

Extremely sportive, superbly designed and with bright attractive colors, the Jordan Jumpman tops the list for best sneaker for dunking. Not only lined with supportive cushioning which cushions jump falls smoothly, but is also known for providing the best traction in clean and grubby courts. The forefoot is lined with premium Zoom unit which gives superb bounce and extra hop energy for dunking. Featuring dynamic support with its unique diamond heel cage and its contour designed to fit feet comfortably the Jordan Jumpman is one of the best dunking shoes for a basketball winner.

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Nike Le Bron 16:

For outstanding basketball court performance and outlandish vertical jumps, Nike Le Bron 16 can be the most appropriate ally. Although on the expensive side, the Le Bron 16 provides value for money. Sporting superior traction, versatile stability and majestic lockdown, the Le Bron 16 is light weighted and agile during the performance. The splendid Battle 2.0 technology specially caters to basketball athletes who want to be on the run and jump mode throughout the game. Bearing strength and flexibility, it arms the basketball dunker with the power to make contacts with the net and slam down effortlessly with swift energetic motions. The Max Air bag embedded in the outsole ensures excellent execution of the vertical jumps during the game. It is a signature champion shoe for winners who do not know how to lose.

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Adidas Crazy Explosive:

Who has not seen Adidas crazy explosive in the basketball arena? Premium designed for dunking and making crazy astounding leaps in the court, Adidas crazy explosives are pro sneakers for dunking. Its lightweight forged upper design delivers sound agility and quick mobility. Stylish and comfortable and with superior traction, the sneakers are meant to take off during aggressive gameplays. The rubber outsole design gives it a great fit and enables it to wrap the foot properly. Made from synthetic leather and fiber, the shoe is breathable and long lasting. The grand cushioning enables the basketball player to dunk with ease and land with minimal shock waves. The extra bouncy heel makes them jumpy and very quick. Moreover, they are beautifully designed with elegant exterior and attractive colors.

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Nike Men’s Kyrie 3:

Nike Kyrie 3 is known for providing painless, impact free and super cushioned jump. The traction quality is mind blowing and equips the player to drive complete energy and agility in launching the vertical leap and land back with a soft thud with maximum grip on the floor. The cushioning uses Zoom Air technology to give the players a smooth bounce during the match. Nike Kyrie 3 exhibits robust outsole that shields the player from receiving minor foot injuries during sharp overturns, jumps and twisted tricks. Fitted with Flywire internal support mechanisms, the sneaker is light weight, durable and provides a lockdown fit that ensures that the feet are protected from slipping during dunks. Exclusively stylish and trendy, they can also be worn outside basketball courts for other outdoor activities. It is an amazing armor for players who wish to maximize their vertical jumps and gain confidence with dunking. They are surely one of the best dunking basketball shoes.

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UnderArmor ClutchFit Drive 3 basketball shoes for Men:

A rare gem indeed from UnderArmor, the ClutchFit Drive 3 is a superstar featuring chic and dashing color blends. The ClutchFit technology utilized ensures that the basketball player is equipped with optimum stretch and flexibility during play. Featuring exclusive lockdown with and extra padding in the heels enables the players to make jump landings with minimal shock pressures. Its additional feature is that it is internally lined with Micro G foam which induces superior absorption of impacts during falls and kicks.

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Its anti-odor lining technology safeguards against bacteria and ensures that you have smell free shoes. Extremely lightweight and comfortable, you can practice basketball dunks all day long in it and never get discomfort or swollen feet.

Nike Hyperdunk:

As the name appropriately suggests, Nike Hyperdunk are a pro in the dunking territory. The high mesh designed upper gives maximum support and comfort to the ankles. It features excellent traction and agile multi directional movement. It uses Flywire technology in the shoelaces to enable a strong lockdown. The midsole is lined with Phylon, which provides additional support and cushioning during landing. It’s remarkable and bold design imprints it as a winner’s shoes at the first glance. They are available in various colors and provide the players with great color choices. They provide the extra boost required to jump higher and dunk more during play. The outsole is designed of herringbone tread, enabling the player to make contact with the ground flexibly and safely.

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Combining comfort with competency, and featuring a fashionable yet breathable mesh upper, the Nike Hyperdunk is one of the star sneakers in the basketball shoe series. Although they are very expensive, but they are a complete basketball package and the best dunking power shoes ever