Which are the best maternity shoes for Moms?

Pregnancy trimesters can be a nightmare for many women. The evolving body, the aches and pains in every part of your existence, swollen feet, bulging belly and often even growing feet. But at the end of the tunnel you are greeted with a bundle of joy which actually makes you forget all that you have been through in the last nine months.But some pregnancy gifts remain irreversible. Whereas, some women, though they may be rare, complain of enlarged feet which refuse to go back to their original size. For this, the best maternity shoes for Moms is necessary to prevent any harm.

For most women, it is their swollen belly which can be a severe challenge to get back in. Other women have to bear with obesity and constant weight gain after pregnancy

Since many women also suffer from swollen ankles and arch and heel pain, it is imperative to plan your pregnancy trimesters well. Where maternity clothes play a pivotal role, best maternity shoes for Moms are also a necessity to accommodate your swollen body.

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What type of shoes are best thought as maternity shoes?

If you are an expectant mom, you need to fill your footwear collection with two type of best maternity shoes for Moms:


Pregnant body is wobbly and often short of balance. The best and most safest choice is to stick with flats as they make the best maternity shoes. Hunt flats which have a tough and well cushioned outsole so that your aching feet remain well guarded and happy. Avoid going for flats which feature a very thin outsole as this can exert pressure on your soles and can increase your arch and heel pain.

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if you don’t indulge sandals much, then you can shop for a huge variety in sandals. Open toe sandals are a preferable option as they are breathable and airy. One often overlooked gift of pregnancy when buying shoes is raised body temperatures. So make sure that you don’t select very narrow or tight footwear when you are pregnant. Ideal maternity sandals should include a wide toe box to give plenty of room to your toes to wiggle in. Wide toe box also means that if your feet tend to swell too much, your shoes should have extra space to accommodate them comfortably. The sandals should have a comfortable and well cushioned footbed. Espadrilles are also one of the most favored footwear option during pregnancy. This is because they keep your feet well above the ground and with espadrilles you feel that your feet are free and you have the favor of extended height.

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What type of maternity shoes should you avoid at all costs?


Some famous heel producing brands term certain of their footwear as maternity footwear even though the shoes don’t fit the maternity shoes profile very well. Make note on one point clearly: you cannot term heels, stilettos, low heels or average heels as maternity shoes. Maternity shoes focus on keeping your feet balanced and comfortable. With heels your feet are never balanced. Therefore, you need to steer clear of heels during your pregnancy trimesters to avoid all kinds of accidental mishaps.

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What are some of the features of the best maternity shoes to hunt for during your pregnant months?

Although no one can really pinpoint the best maternity shoe which can prove to be very comfortable for every pregnant woman, but there are some brands which provide sufficient cushioning and comfort which is much required in the pregnancy months.

Let’s look at some of the pointers which you should focus on when buying best maternity shoes for Moms:

Easy slip on:

They should be very easy to slip on as gaining weight and bulging belly renders it impossible for pregnant women to bend down and tie their shoes or wrestle with compact and tight shoes to fit in. They should have a minimalist and very simple design. You can try hunting for flip flops or slides during your last months as they are very easy to slip on.


Don’t bother buying shoes which are not breathable. Pregnancy months are very hot and you are likely to feel them at peak during your last trimester. For these upcoming months, choose your maternity footwear with care and choose shoes which are airy or have an open toe design. You will have to literally ditch your sneakers in the last trimester.

Wide and roomy shoes:

Swollen body is a major drawback associated with pregnancy. Make sure that when you shop for maternity footwear, you choose wide toe boxes and extra sizes up shoes. Your swollen feet are very unlikely to fit in to your current shoe size so go for some extra sizes up. Make your pregnancy easy on your feet with the most suitable maternity shoes. Since most women tend to have swelling in their parts of the body even many months after the delivery, these maternity shoes are going to come in handy when you have entered the motherhood stage.

Well cushioned:

Like I said before, don’t go for shoes which do not offer reasonable cushioning and support. Your feet are already bearing the weight of your child along with your added weight. Don’t torture them with shoes which have a very thin and flimsy outsole. Foam or rubber outsoles provide great support so you can look for these when you are selecting your maternity footwear.

Good grip:

Whether you are choosing sandals, boots, flats, slides or any other kind of shoe, make sure that they are slip resistant. You simply cannot risk falling or slipping at any stage of your pregnancy. Safeguard yourself and your baby with proper maternity footwear. If you feel the slightest slip, get down on making your shoes slip resistant immediately by home hacks or getting an anti-resistant spray.