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There is no heck of a doubt that Heels makes the Women more attractive and gives them confidence. Also, Heels betters the posture of the Women when they are walking and gives them a unique influence during the gait. Psychologist Paul Morris and his colleagues did the research on flat shoes users and heels users, They chose the dozen random women and gives them a pair of glowing heels and flats and told them to walk on the treadmill. They made sure the research will not be biased so Paul takes the procedure in the dark so he cannot see any women. Because of the glow, he can only see the walk of the Women when she is in the flat and in the heels. They made the report that Women in the heels look more gracious and their movement makes the more attractive aura. However, heels might give the pressure on your ankles and cause the pain, but you will look better in the heels there is no doubt about that. Most of the people did not know that Heel is the part of your body that exists in the bottom hindmost part of each foot. The medical person also referred to it as the heel bone which is the largest none of your feet. The back part of the bone is responsible for the foot projection of the foot and forms the heels. Heel bones are attached with the first and the fifth toe so the heel bones muscle in control of the movement of these two toes. Most of the people think that Heels is only made to heighten the wearer’s stature, but this term is partially wrong because the heel bone also contains the Achilles tendon which attaches the calf and its muscles to the heels, in other words, all the ankle and the surrounding structures are standing on the Back Heel Bone. So the positioning of the ankle and heel shape the area of the foot known as the arch. The arch of our body and heels manage the forces which exerted on it especially on the bumpy surface.
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