Sneakers are the most popular shoes in the modern era. It is also called tennis shoes because like tennis shoes, they made up of canvas and rubber sole. The root of the Sneakers match with the 18th-century shoe Plimsolls, they were made up of rubber soles, but by that time the shoes are very rough. The wave of Sneakers shoes rise again at the end of the 18th century when rubber sneakers introduced, those shoes didn’t create the impact. The influence of sneakers started in 1817 when companies begin to make rubber sneakers with canvas tops, but then again they failed to produce styles. Only the famous shoes of that era were Chuck Taylor all-stars, due to one famous shoe in the world they still hold the record of best selling shoes of all time. Do you know the great brand Adidas first made Sneakers, in fact, the German Shoe Maker Adi Dassler named the sneaker Adidas? After a decade the Adidas Sneakers got famous and the Great Athlete Jesse Owens wore it in 1936 Olympic when he won 4 Gold medals in Track race. The signs were apparent that Sneakers will become the great shoes in the coming era and it did when Michael Jordan wore it and made it the most famous sneakers of the ’90s. Now Sneakers become the essential entity of a sports arena, and you can utilize it as fashion wear. Ladies, we know you are the most fashionable creature in the world, I am not giving the sexist remarks but it’s a universal truth. Many brands are making the Sneakers for Women and they bring the latest technologies in it, for example, Nike Air force used little pockets of gas for better cushioning. Spira Footwear gives the spring on the sole so you can get the smooth elevation and you can walk or sprint without any stress. Reebok the world-renowned brand introduced the pump system in sneakers so you can feel cozy in them. After so many technologies and styles now the sneakers are the most desired brand for the shoe lovers. People can wear it anywhere even in sports. Even celebrities not spare from the charm of sneakers and they wear it often on all kinds of occasions.
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