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Wedges usually considered as the Women Shoes comprising with the thick sole from the heel and from the front it becomes thin enough like the flats. This makes the shoes more expandable and the girl can wear it with easiness. Most of the people couldn’t tell the difference between the platform and Wedges they make its very simple wedges with one sole and the sole is like triangular shape, whereas platform shoes contain the thick sole throughout the heels. Wedges basically give you the advantages of the sole and heels too, therefore the shoes will elevate your walk with the nice posture; adjust your hip movement and also gives the comfort to the toes from the flats. Plus it will give you the exquisite look to your feet and the height you desired for. Wedges are normally strappy shoes for the summer collection but you can get the closed toe shoes in the wedges. Even the wedges appear on the boots which considered being the staple of winters. “Wedges for Women” is a hot topic among the girls and they made sure that wedges always be a part of their closets. The root of the wedges shoes match with the tremendous ancient Greek history, the Wedges with the toga were the fashion of the ancient brave Spartans. As we have told you Wedges considered pure women's shoes but the designer also put the wedge style on the Men Shoes. The Men Wedges Shoes called “Wedgies” and it has a low heel. There are many elite brands now a day but Donald Pliner Wedge Sandals are the darling shoes for women. Just grab the wedges shoes and get the bravado effect and extreme style in your personality with them.
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