Different types of shoes to wear with a tuxedo

Different types of shoes to wear with a tuxedo

There was a time when choosing a pair of shoes to enhance the elegance of a tuxedo was as simple as choosing either the formal Oxfords or the less formal pair of Derbies. However, in the recent times, formal wear trends have shifted given evolution to less formidable and no rule-bound society. the rules of black tie formal wear have bended to a degree where leather sandals and even sneakers are considered to be acceptable footwear choices provided you are well aware of the formality of the occasion and the nature of the event.  

However, classic footwear styles still reign supreme and are considered to be the elegant choices. Oxfords and Derbies are deemed to be ultra-influential footwear amongst the smart silhouettes. And it seems that a man is guilty of a societal offence if he is found to have them amiss in his wardrobe. These wardrobe staples can partner any ensemble with a casual sophistication and heighten the appeal of a formal suit. If your wardrobe is stockpiled with Oxfords and Derbies, rest assured that you have a firm footing and are prepared to whatever your calendar schedule might manage to surprise you with. These conventional shoes have a persona and a unique grace, which takes the pressure of your mind in consideration to your overall appearance. 

Invitation to a black tie event is not an everyday occurrence and neither is donning a regal tuxedo. So it’s only natural that you want to look your mega best and nail your formal look completely when coalescing your immaculate tuxedo with a pristine of shoes. To avoid a sartorial faux pas and be successful in your endeavor, you have to consider every detail scrupulously. Because if your tuxedo is ill-fitting or your accessories are not up to the mark, a smart and suave outfit can be translated into a sloppy mess. The shoes that you are going to don are one of the primary and crucial aspects that need to be reflected upon. After all, your shoes can either make or break the outfit. They have the ability to enhance and heighten the polished aura of a tuxedo and they can even end up ruining the debonair countenance of the tux and tangle up your image. But don’t be alarmed. There are different types of shoes which affiliate well with a tuxedo. Scroll down below to know more about the style options regarding your shoes. 

Types of Tuxedo shoes: 

Although conventional black leather shoes have a timeless appeal and innate sophistication which adds richness and luxury to the tuxedo, there are still other black leather shoe styles that can rev up the fashion appeal of your profile. Some of the distinctive types of leather which come across as fashionable and luxe are: 

  • Patent leather: 

The glossy and smooth appearance of the leather combined with its rich quality to reflect like a mirror, amplifies the appearance and façade of the tuxedo. Patent leather is treated with repeated coats of acrylic to supply it with sheen and sparkle.  Patent leather shoes are usually the ideal choices to wear to black tie events as their refined grace and untainted charm adds ample elegance to your profile.  

  • Calfskin leather: 

Mostly shoes designed from this type of leather are more sturdy and durable and don’t scratch easily. Calfskin leather shoes have an appeal and charisma that makes them strong allies as party shoes. 

  • Smooth leather: 

These type of leather shoes are easiest to clean and look spruced up and pristine at a moment’s notice.  

  • Full-grain leather: 

Shoes crafted from this type of leather are considered to be one of the most durable and powerful ones in terms of strength and are water-proof too. Their distinctive patina and rich texture makes them excellent options for a black tie event. 

  • Top-grain leather: 

Shoes designed from top-grain leather take pride in their formidable framework and staunch structure. These are treated to remove imperfections and are considered to be elegant silhouettes raising the style standard of a tuxedo. 


Shoe designs which harmonize well with a tuxedo equation: 

Some of the most popular shoe designs which can accentuate the dressiness of a tuxedo are listed below. Take a look: 

  • Oxfords: 

Black patent Oxfords are considered to be the standard silhouettes and for a good reason too. It is because their timeless aura ensures that you will never err while sporting them. Usually, silk ribbons are employed for laces to create a more starched and decorous look which is in apropos to the solemn air of the event. You can choose from whole-cut to cap-toe oxfords to come about as incredibly cultivated and well-groomed gentleman. 

  • Derby: 

The open-lace deign is what sets them apart from the rest and becomes the distinguishing trait of the Derbies. The facing of the shoe is exposed at the bottom thus rendering an urbane and classy look. Choose the color of the Derbies which is in accordance to the color of your tuxedo. Flaunting Derbies allows you to give off charismatic vibes when you have donned the tuxedo and enables charm and magnetism to ooze when sporting with other formal attires. 

  • Brogue: 

Usually a brogue is available in both the Oxford and the Derby style and is characterized by the perforated pattern imprinted on the leather print. The toe cap features decorative detailing which exudes a dignified yet a little laid-back countenance.  You can choose the material of your brogues which is in conformity to the formality of the event. 


  • Velvet/grosgrain loafers: 

You can sport the velvet or the grosgrain velvet loafers if you are attending an event where the dress code rules are laid-back and relaxed. You will come about as dashing and gallant and your velvet pumps or grosgrain loafers will make a gracious impact when paired with tuxedo.