How to make big shoes fit

How to make big shoes fit

You spotted a pair of heels on sale that made you gape at it with sheer incredulity and awe-struck wonder. They were too majestic and too regal and you marveled at their exquisiteness. You just couldn’t give them a cold shoulder and pass through. The price was too good for you to reject them.  You compared the sizing chart and even though the sizing seemed to be a bit erroneous, you still ordered the pairs thinking that a bit of up or down wouldn’t matter much. However, when they arrived, your feet couldn’t maintain the balance in them. The shoes kept sliding off and seemed to be too big for you to manage to walk. And then you finally realized that your judgment was clouded by your excitement. And the downside is that the shoes are non-refundable since you got them on sale.  

And the trauma of not being able to wear the dream shoes depressed your mood and made you feel despondent and downcast. What do you do now? Is there any hope? Can you make your big shoes fit? Because shoes which do not fit properly can be a real discomfort. Wearing them could result in blister formation, arch pain, and other types of feet nuisances. Moreover, outsized silhouettes tend to slump and slacken, resulting in ankle-twisting or tripping disasters. 

We all are familiar with this much encountered scenario described above. And I think many of us have been through this drill atleast once in a lifetime. Even though the problem may seem to be a colossal one, it is not as troubling or complicated as it seems. There are some very easy and simple tricks and hacks which can assist you in making your big shoes fit precisely. Read on below to see how the magic works: 


  • Replace the insoles: 

If your shoes are too big in length or have a wider width, than you need to get your feet accustomed to new insoles. Insoles are the soft pads which are positioned inside the shoes to enhance the comfort, warm and reinforcement factors. There are many materials which are used to make insoles amongst which leather, gel and foam are more widely used. All you need to do is buy a new set of insoles and fit it inside the shoes. You will instantly feel the shoes fitting you with more flawless precision. 

You can buy shoe insoles considering the materials they are made from. Foam insoles are great if you require a comfier and snug fitting. Gel insoles are more appropriate for patients with joint pains and offer shock absorption feature. Thermal insoles have been created to offer warmth and keep feet protected from cold. While the odor-free insoles are practical solutions for those who sweat profusely and are trying to control or maneuver the unpleasant odor. You can buy as per your personal needs.  


  • Fill up the toe area or wear thick socks: 

If your trainers or boots are quite big and need to be made smaller, then wearing a thick pair of socks is a wonderful alternative. This hack results in the shoes fitting more snugly than before.  

However, if it is too hot and you can’t bear to wearing thick socks, then you can try wadding in soft and padded materials in the toe area. Cotton balls or thin rags are excellent choices for stuffing the toes. If your shoes are still sliding, stuff some more rags in free spaces. 

  • Buy foot cushions or half-insoles: 

If you need to adjust the length or the width of your sandals, pumps, dress shoes or heel shoes, or if you think that adding an insole will make your shoes too tight, then ball of foot cushions are the ultimate solutions. They work in four ways to ensure that the shoes we wear fit correctly and grant exceptional comfort.  

  1. They provide cushioning to the ball of the feet, thus, reinforcing it. 
  1. They provide stability to the feet by hindering the forward sliding of the feet. 
  1. They can easily be lined in the shoes without causing any extra crowding, discomfort or triggering moisture buildup or profuse sweating. 
  1. They stay intact without moving or falling out. 

These foot cushions are available in different materials, colors, shapes and sizes too. However, the foam material seems to be the most popular and commendable one. The foam half-insoles are the ideal accessories that make the big shoes fit flawlessly well. 

  • Buy shoe fillers: 

If you are worried about the length of closed-toe shoes and want to makes them smaller, then you should consider buying the shoe fillers. These are inserted in the toe area and grant a more compact toe room and thus, ensure a more suitable fitting.  

  • Heel liners: 

Although the heel liners were created to prevent heel slippage and avert the blister formation, they are also great alternatives to make big shoes fit. All you need to do is peel the adhesive lining at the back of the heel liners and stick in onto the shoe to ascertain that a more comfortable and apt fitting is granted. The gel heel liners are the most popular products which have been guaranteed to render amazing fitting and enabling a very comfortable and facilitating ride in high heels. Their cushioned and soft texture keeps the feet free from any sort of discomfort. 

Seeking the services of a professional: 

These DIY hacks may be good, but you cannot argue that the expertise and skill of a cobbler will make your big shoes fit flawlessly and in a much more qualified manner. Because if the shoes are made from premium quality and are beloved to you, you don’t want to take any risk with them.  

A cobbler can insert the heel liners, extra insole, heel grips and custom inserts to make big shoes fit perfectly well. Nevertheless, since the services of a cobbler may turn out to be expensive, it is recommended that you hire the cobbler only when you want to fix the size of your most prized and treasured silhouettes.