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Different types of shoes to wear with a tuxedo

Your shoes are the highlighting accessories that will impact your overall aura and persona. To make it impressive and stunning, you need to choose the shoes with care. Patent leather shoes are a win-win solution as they have the knack to enhance the flair of the tuxedo and render a glowing sheen to the complete outlook. Since tuxedoes are for special and exclusive events, your shoes should also be exceptional ones indeed and equipped with a ravishing aesthetic that upgrades your style quotient when you are attending the next black tie event. 

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How to make big shoes fit

It is recommended to always invest in a pair of shoes which ensure a flawless fitting to save yourself from misery and fuss. However, since we tend to err, it is best to make use of every opportunity to rectify the blunder. You can employ these simple and inexpensive hacks to make big shoes fit and strut around with more comfort and self-assuredness. 

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What color shoes to wear with champagne dresses

A champagne dress encompasses of a smooth and poised sophistication that is hard to let down. If you partner your champagne cocktail or evening dresses with the right colored shoes, you can exude an enticing and electric aura and look sultry and ravishing. You can complete the outlook of your attire by coordinating bag and jewelry in matching tone of your shoes. This will contrast the expression well and highlight your appearance with an urban refinedness and charismatic grace. 

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How to darken leather boots

You will be able to refurbish the exterior of your leather boots employing these simple and easy DIY hacks. Your leather boots will attain a shimmering and burnished patina without having to invest in expensive leather care items to darken your leather boots. I recommend you to try all the methods on different boots to see which one works best for you. 

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Which shoes to wear with flared jeans

The above-listed styles of shoes are fetching and complete the fashion equation of flare jeans with flawless bravura and impeccable perfection. However, you must steer clear of flip-flops, flats and sneakers when flaunting your flares as the wide hems of the jeans can put your feet into obscurity and oblivion. Furthermore, flats can create an illusion of having short legs and a stumpy figure so it’s best to avoid them when wearing flare pants of any kind. 

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