Which shoes to wear with flared jeans

Which shoes to wear with flared jeans

The 70s inspired flare jeans and pants have made a smashing comeback and dominated the fashion world with their commanding presence and influential aura. They are now considered to be raging and official trend-setter garments in 2021. Flare jeans particularly had gained prominence and dominion last year when they were perceived to be strutted by models walking the ramp for mega fashion brands. Flare jeans have climbed the fashion pedestal expeditiously and are deemed to be indomitable pieces of clothing that have become synonymous with style and grace. Since their thrilling comeback, flare jeans have been established as style icons and wardrobe staples.  

Split-hem jeans are also in the mainstream and have evolved from the flare vogue. They are considered to be the ultra-chic styles which flatter nearly all body types with a casual demeanor and classy elegance. They are the ultimate choices that allow you to flaunt all the comfortable and chic styles of footwear that you want with ease and sophistication. The split-seams at the bottom of the flare jeans creates a modern and willowy look, allowing you to ace your appearance and get the best of both worlds.  

But the key to nailing the chic look of flare pants is to partner them with the right pair of footwear. If you are looking for some intriguing ideas as to how to style this mesmerizing denim staple for the year 2021, then scroll down below. I have highlighted the ideal shoe styles which complement the figure-favorable flare jeans.  

Sophisticated shoe styles which are a perfect companion to flare jeans: 

To enhance your overall look, you need to choose shoes which render you ample heel height. This will highlight the shapeliness of the flare pants and glamorize your persona. Some of the shoe styles which can spruce up your profile are: 

  • Boots: 

Boots partner exceptionally well with flare pants. Their spacious framework and bulky material are accommodated pretty well under the wide hems of the flare pants. Since the flare pants are pretty long and cascade down covering your feet, you need to choose boots which are adorned with a chic sole. This will let the soles steal the limelight.  

Calf length and ankle boots are the most appropriate pairs of boots which look ultra-fashionable with flare pants. These silhouettes have a refined and elegant structure which blends in concisely with the bold aura of the flares without overwhelming it. However, steer clear of knee-high boots if you want to score maximum fashion points. 

  • Platform shoes: 

Platforms are the best way to flaunt a streamlined profile. The lengthening effect of the flare pants harmonizes beautifully with the illusion of having a svelte and sleek figure when you team heels with flares. 

Furthermore, the high heel height of the platform shoes raises the hem off the ground and so it doesn’t gets dragged out on the floor. Platform shoes are also one of the most comfortable options that you can wear for long hours because there isn’t a sharp decline between the heel and the ball of the feet. Ladies can maneuver their balance exceptionally well in platforms because the front is as high as the back. So it becomes quite easy o maintain stability. You can choose from amongst a myriad of platform styles to glitz up the look of the flare pants amongst which mules, wedges and espadrilles are popular choices. 


Mules are unique and attractive shoes which style impressively with flare pants. The semi-coverage and the focus on the soles makes them versatile silhouettes which can inject a cool air and pizazz to all your flare jeans equations.  

Wedge platforms and espadrilles are also exciting styles which can inject vintage yet contemporary spark to the flare pants. Although these shoe styles complement every type of pants there are hanging in your closet, their impact on the flares is powerful and remarkable. The chunky framework acts as a solid foundation for the plentiful hem. The substantial soles which are visible from under the hem can arrest the attention and center the spotlight on your profile.  

A word to the wise: 

  • If your flare pants are too long and are trailing on the ground, hemming them would be a very good idea. It will not only allow you to flaunt your chic silhouettes with graceful demeanor but will also grant a slimming effect to your personage.  
  • Furthermore, your toes and soles will be perceptible when you sit. Ensure that the footwear you are sporting has gleaming toes and scrubbed soles so that the first impression is an admirable one indeed. 

Slim heel styles: 

Wide hems contrast brilliantly with the slim heels. And pumps are the perfect example of these shoe types. Pumps are flamboyant and dapper silhouettes that are the epitome of grace and elegance and can rev up the look of any outfit look you are trying to ace. They provide an uber-chic and urbane edge to your getup. You can choose from amid a number of charismatic and enticing styles of pumps. Leather and satin pumps are trending this year.  

Stilettoes are another power-packed footwear that can give an edge to any dress you want to sport. Whether its min dresses, evening gowns, faded jeans or workwear suits you want to don, stilettoes can immediately spice up the fashion game for you. Flare pants are no exception. Wide hems contrast majestically with the narrow heels and can have a lengthening and slimming effect. Whether, it brunch, lunch, and work or dinner date, a pair of glamorous stilettoes can make you look drop-dead gorgeous and turn on the charm factor.  

Heeled sandals: 

Chunky heels and block heels have an opulent and tantalizing appeal that heighten the elegance and refinement of the flare jeans even more. They flatter any body type and provide a balanced base and spacious surface area for you to walk or stand for long hours without feeling tired. The heel height is also very stable and comfortable. These silhouettes are available in beguiling and glamorous aesthetics that can highlight your profile and make you the center of interest.