What color shoes to wear with champagne dresses

What color shoes to wear with champagne dresses

You have finally purchased a mesmerizing champagne gown for the prestigious formal business dinner, prom or for a friend’s wedding. And you are over the moon because the dress is flattering and flirtatious and a wonder to behold. The sheer and floating fabric, the soft and smooth texture and the beaded adornments grant a timeless and luxe aura to your dress. However, you are unable to decide which pair of shoes will accentuate the good looks of your champagne dress and bring it into limelight. 

To highlight the class factor of your dress and enjoy the spotlight, you need to match the perfect pair of shoes. Scroll down below to get some refreshing ideas as to how to make your outfit dazzle and sparkle and become the focus of attention. 

Defining the champagne color: 

The color champagne is portrayed by very pale shade of yellowish-orange which tilts more towards the beige shade in the color spectrum. The gold, sandy, and beige are sibling shades to Champagne. So if your dress is ranging somewhere between these color spectrum then you can experiment with the below listed shades of shoes to display your sartorial prowess at its best.  

Shine and scintillate with metallic shoes 

Metallic silhouettes have a spellbinding beauty and a sheer classiness to them. They glitter and sparkle and reflect the light with incredible ingenuity. However the metallic shoes will only pair well if your champagne dress is fashioned from matte texture. Otherwise, two-light reflecting textures will look overwhelming and make your appearance appear too ostentatious. You need to maintain a harmony between the fabric of your dress and the texture of your shoes to amplify the appeal factor.  

  • Pumps 

Pumps are deemed to be the most elegant and refined pairs of footwear which complement evening and cocktail dresses with impeccable poise and admirable flair. Their shimmery framework and streamlined simplicity can emphasize the beauty of the dress even more. You can choose from rose gold, silver or golden metallic pumps. 

  • Ankle Boots 

If your dress is short and falls towards your calf, then you can team up your cocktail dresses with metallic ankle boots to heighten the glam facet.  

  • Flats 

Metallic flats complement the look of a champagne dress with an unmatched grace and flair while drawing attention to your feet. Flats are more comfortable options. Moreover, metallic flats are endowed with a witty grace and a sensational air that prevents you making a fashion faux pas. You can partner silver or rose gold metallic flats to jazz up the trendiness of your champagne gown. 

Experiment with grey to look sophisticated: 


If you want your champagne dresses to be in the prominence, you can team them with light gray shoes which border towards the eggshell white. Both the light hues grant a svelte essence to your profile and make a lovely combination. 

  • Flats: 

Gray flats have a low key personality and tend to set off the good looks of your shimmery champagne dresses. The light grey shade creates a flawless balance that keeps the mood light and the tenor strong without appearing tacky or boring.  

  • Pumps: 

Grey pumps will also elevate the style factor with an immaculate deportment.  


Amplify the style factor by grabbing for black shoes. 

The timeless appeal and the tasteful elegance of black shoes remains unrivalled. You can never go wrong with black no matter which ensemble you choose. They are like the status symbol that have the knack to breathe refinedness and sophistication to your profile. There are endless options when you have black in mind. And we all, generally, have many variations of black silhouettes decked in our shoe closet. So you don’t have to worry about renting or buying black shoes to enhance the outlook of your ravishing champagne dress.  

  • Pumps: 

Choosing black pumps to enhance the look of your champagne dresses is a brilliant opinion because black pumps are classified as classic and timeless silhouettes. They are endowed with a mesmerizing allure that allows your champagne dress to stand out with magnified brilliance and radiating aura. The neutral color of champagne dress maintains a precise equilibrium with the dominating majesty of the black hue.  

  • Flats: 

If you want to rise the style bar and look charismatic and breathtaking sporting your champagne dress, you can team them with a pair of signature flats too which are embellished with ornaments. The sheen and twinkle of the embellishments will highlight the soft shade of champagne outstandingly well. 

  • Ankle boots: 

You can even exaggerate the splendor of your dress by partnering it with a pair of high heeled black ankle boots. These will infuse a chic and refined air to your profile and grant you an alluring and mesmerizing presence. 

Revving up the style factor with red silhouettes: 

If you want to appear bold and daring, then red is the ultimate statement shade that brings out the assertive nature into the limelight. Red has the capability to make you appear phenomenal and eye-catching. Furthermore, the rich opulence of the red shade equalizes the soft demeanor of champagne tone and makes the duo appear magnetically fascinating. 

  • Heels: 

Red Strappy heels, block heels, pumps and stilettoes will pair exquisitely well with champagne dresses and spice up the color theme and raise the fashion bar of your profile. 

Add pizazz to the outfit with gold: 

Rev off the charisma and poise of your champagne gown or cocktail dress by enhancing it with dash of gold. A light gold pair of heels or flats lined with rhinestones and embellished with ornaments will blend well with the color theme and liven up your personage. If your dress is created from silky and shimmery fabrics, then go for gold shoes which feature a matte outlook. And if your dress is made from matte fabrics, then metallic gold will be a regal and outstanding choice.